About Me

Hi I'm Adam, I've specialized in wedding photography for nearly 10 years!
Here are some things you should know about me…

  • I will likely arrive early and be one of the last to leave at your wedding.  The actual wedding day is the fun part for me!  It’s the hours and hours and hours of editing later, that’s not so fun.
  • I’ll probably care more about the way your photos look than you will.

How do I interact with couples during their wedding day:

  • I love to let couple be themselves and enjoy their wedding day.
  • I’ll tell you bad jokes.  The same ones I tell just about every weekend.


Client Reviews
  • Adam is absolutely the best! Our photos were just beyond gorgeous and I still cannot believe how amazing the quality is but how he managed to get such a wide variety of amazing shots without being intrusive. He is so artistic and adds an amazing flair to the photos and the final package is like a work of art, not just a bunch of generic snapshots. Plus he is soo fun! We had such a great time with him joking around throughout the day and it was the first time we met! He is a gem!!!!!! and his assistant was awesome too!!

    -Illana K

  • I cried when I saw my photos – they were just that good! Adam and his assistant were sweet, laid back, and never made posing for photos feel awkward. They were out of the way during the ceremony and reception – I never felt like they were in the way. Everyone in my wedding party LOVED him, and my inlaws (who have had two weddings in the family before mine in the past 3 years), said that he is easily the best photographer that they worked with! While the rates seem high, you do NOT want to skimp on photos for your wedding day – they are priceless, and you will have them forever.
    Adam is awesome!!!


  • We were very pleased with all aspects of Adam Padgett Weddings Photography. Adam was nice and easy to work with. He returned all emails and other correspondences very quickly. Our wedding photographs were beautiful and captured every memorable moment from our big day. There is nothing we would want to change about Adam’s photography services!


  • OUTSTANDING PHOTOS! My husband and I fell in love with the photos on Adam’s website. We thought his style was clean and sophisticated, but artsy and fun at the same time. We especially loved the way he played with light and contrast in his photos. We were so excited to get him as our photographer, and he totally blew us away with the photos of our wedding! He was so friendly and easy to work with, both before and on our wedding day. I planned my Lexington wedding from Boston, and Adam was very flexible with scheduling time to skype and quick with responding to my emails. He did a terrific job covering all the highlights of our wedding day in a beautiful, unique way along with nailing so many awesome candid moments that really captured the energy of the wedding. He put a lot of thought into our photos, even taking us outside after dark to do some cool backlit photos of us in front of the big red doors at Red Mile — they came out AWESOME! I can’t say enough good things about Adam, you should definitely consider him for your wedding!


  • If I could pay Adam Padgett to be my family’s personal photographer for the rest of my life I would do it. After working with him for over a year planning engagement pictures and of course wedding pictures he has become more of a friend to my husband and I than just a vendor. He is kind and lighthearted and makes what can sometime be awkward picture taking fun and of course his finished product is out of this world. Im still getting comments on my engagement pictures and they were taken almost a year ago. Adam has the best personality and is so easy to get along with it makes the process of taking pictures a breeze. And he is always willing to try new things. I already have plans to fly all the way back to Kentucky just so Adam can be the one to take our photos when we celebrate our one year wedding anniversary because I wouldnt want anyone else.

    Erin L.


Lexington Wedding Photographer - Adam Padgett

Lexington Wedding Photographer – Adam Padgett