About Adam (aka the wedding ninja)

Things you should know:

1. I’ll probably show up early to your wedding, and will most likely stay until someone kicks me out.

2. I will probably care more about the way your wedding photos look than you will.

3. I am a pack rat. You’ll get too many photos.

4. Wedding photography has ruined any attempt of mine to

watch or keep up with college football.

A little more about me:

I’m not going to give you the same old photographer story…..you know the one where we have loved photography since blah blah blah. Or I just have “the eye” for it.

In fact, it was later in life I discovered my obsession (which is notably different than love) with photography. Film never hooked me because there wasn’t enough instant feedback, but when I got my first digital camera everything changed. When I bought my first “good” digital slr I quickly realized that a good camera doesn’t mean you can take good photos. I sucked at it. And I hate not being good at something. I began studying photography every way possible (and still do to this day). I love the technical part of photography as much as I enjoy the artistic side.

So why am I a wedding photographer?

Quite honestly, I love the challenge of modern wedding photography. To be able to shoot weddings, you have to be able to adapt to so many situations quickly. It’s truly unlike any other form of photography. It’s a bit of photojournalism, fashion, sports, and portrait photography rolled into one. The smiles, the laughs, the tears, the details, the stories. Emotion. Great wedding photography takes skill, timing, personality, creativity, and luck. That’s what I like about wedding photography.

I love the photo journalistic side of weddings, I love a great candid shot. Anything that shows emotion, brings out emotion by just looking at it. A great shot is one that not only looks wonderful, but tells a story. And as much as I love making unique creative shots, I also really enjoy making simple nice looking portraits. In the pinterest age, I think a lot of brides are forgetting about how important a simple portrait is to not just them, but to everyone else. Your mom is gonna want to see your face in some photos, not your signs/flowers/thing-a-ma-jingly-you-made in focus with you blurry in the background!

Each wedding is always unique as each couple is as well. I never try to force a “style” down your throat. I want you to be you. Aside from the traditional group shots and portraits of the bride and groom, I aspire to capture the day as it unfolds. I am up for anything, and listen closely to any ideas the couples may have. I always try to be….wait for it……..NINJA LIKE! In the right place and the right times, moving about unobtrusively, and ready to strike (or just click).

If you like my photos, shoot me an email at adam@adampadgettweddings.com or call me up at 859-314-1010.